Who we are

"Uttrakhand Association for Positive People Living With HIV/AIDS Society (UKNP+) is a community based, non-profit Organization representing the needs of people living with (PLWHA). UPNP+ is founded by Group of HIV positive people in 2010 and was registered under society Act. & managed by people living with HIV in Uttrakhand.UKNP+promotes and participatory approach for community empowerment and gives priorityto PLHIV (especially women and children).We are working sincelast years in Uttrakhand .

Our Goal

"उत्तराखंड राज्य मे एआईवी/एडस के साथ जीवन यापन करने वाले लोगो को मंच के तहत संगठित करना I एचआईवी / एड्स के साथ जीवन यापन करने वाले लोगों के जीवन के अस्तित्व और गुणवत्ता में सुधार और एचआईवी संक्रमण को कम करने और सकारात्मक रोकथाम गतिविधियों का विस्तार I"
"To mobilize the community of Uttarakhand who have living with HIV/AIDS under a forum of UKNP+ and improve the survival and quality of life of positive people living with HIV/AIDS and to reduce HIV infection and expand the positive prevention activities."

Our Motive

People are living with HIV/AIDS in Uttarakhand; they have equal rights for living in society with dignity and peace.

Our Vision & Mission

(a) Empowering women and marginal community through capacity building and enhancement
of their skills.
(b) Removing poverty, illiteracy and social discrimination and injustice amongst the community.
(c) Strengthening local self-governance and ensuring women representation and marginalized.
(d) Increasing local traditional arts and skills amongst peoples.
(e) Improving livelihood security and promoting alternative livelihoods amongst the poor villagers.
(f) Improving Natural resources and its best management in the area.

Our Objective

To sustain the state level network of positive people living with HIV/AIDS in Uttarakhand State.
To Promote Community based organizations as DLN (District Level Network) for sustainable community of positive people living with HIV/AIDs.
To ensure access to high quality information and services for positive prevention, positive living and continuum of care and treatment adherence.
To Promote positive active to reduce of stigma and discrimination and protect human rights of PLHIV .
To serve the best practices and lessons learned in livelihood and enterprise promotion and development.
To encourage & implement of Human behavior law in respect of HIV/AIDS community.
To evolve mechanism for education, employment & shelter home for HIV/AIDS community.
To establish a centre of Excellence for HIV/AIDS Community.
To cooperate with research organization or researcher for medicines/vaccine/research document on behalf of HIV/AIDS.
To extend and expand professional support to PLHIV of various development projects and programs.


•Solidarity with the poor the powerless and the excluded will be at the core of our struggle against poverty and injustice.

•Courage of conviction, requiring us to be creative and progressive, bold and Innovative-without fear of failure in order to make both the rates possible impact on the causes of poverty, exclusion and injustice

•Equality and justice, requiring us to work to ensure equal opportunity to every person irrespective of casts, class, race,age, gender,sexual orientation, colour, class, ethnicity, disability, location and religion.

•Humility and modesty in our conduct and behavior, recognising that we are part of a wider alliance against poverty and exclusion.

•Mutual respect,requiring us to recognize the innate worth of every individual and community All the activities of the Society are focused on a triangular approach covering the components of Advocacy, Network Building and Service Delivery. The triangle reflects the strong connectivity among thesthree components - each component can only be strengthened when the other 2 are strengthened.

• Advocacy: This focuses on addressing the urgent issues of PLHIV like human rights, access to information, treatment, GIPA, Positive Prevention at regional, national and international forums. In the beginning, the focus was on visibility, but as the course of the epidemic changed, there has been a shift in focus for policy change.

•Network Building: This focuses on the formation and strengthening of the network at state, district and Talukalevel. It also aims to provide technical assistance to the networks in capacity building of its members at District level in Program and Finance Management, Service Delivery, Leadership and governance through appropriate trainings. (Example: trainings that allow PLHIV to become peer counselors.) •Service Delivery: This focuses on the models of care and support services to the PLHIV irrespective of age and gender, Link with Govt. Welfare Scheme, Education Support, Nutrition Support and Psychosocial support.

Governing body membership profile

Involvement of GB/EC members in program implementation
 In planning and decision making
 Review of the program and taking corrective action
 Guide and supervise program staff

Details of the Board of Directors / Executive Committee

S.No Designation Female Male
1 President   1
2 Vice President 1  
3 Secretary   1
4 Joint Secretary   1
5 Treasure 1  
Method of selection of Governing Board /Executive Committee Election Process
Frequency of Governing Board / Executive Committee Meetings Quarterly/Half Yearly Basis
Period of the Governing Board / Executive Committee as per the Constitution As per constitution
Whether the organization prepares theannual reports every year
( If yes, obtain a copy each of last 3 yrs report)
Whether the organization has audited statement of accounts of previous years ( If yes, attach a copy each of last 3 yrs report) yes