Future Plan

UKNp+ focuses on the Priority of the PLHIV's through getting the support in the larger scale to meet for the fulfillment of the HIV
infected People now we are aiming to get the involvement of PLHIV through the CSR Networks or the chains of donors to engage
the more of the people with our upcoming project activates to facilitate in larger scale the Activities is determined for the
thoughts to achieve the goal the following activates are as:-

The Above figure shows the Activity of the PLHIV to making them self reliant and self sufficient the Activities regarding to getting the service starts from the beginning to the end these are:-

 Educational Programme : Now aiming to focuses on the girl child or Poor children education programs to emphasis the level of education now government and may organization concern focuses for increasing in the literacy rate through which we involve the CLHIV in the schemes without disclosing their PLHIV identity to safeguard the rights and be well treated . through Which causes to be increased in the literacy rate

 Skill training :- To give them a high level of skill training which includes (Computer, Handloom ,Crafts, Home based works, House based Products manufacturing.etc)

 Employment Programme: Concern is taking on providing the self employment to the peoples. Now in present there are the several schemes launched by the government for making the self dependent (Pradhan Mantri Saw-Rojgar Yojana) etc. and many other we focuses to facilitate as more as possible to be facilitated.

 Health & Hygine : To educate the large mass of People in which mostly PLHIV People will get the Preferences to influence the People mind.

 Mother &Child Health: To facilitate the Mother and child for the treatment to save them from the HIV infection or infected people through infectious diseases.

 Water & Sanitization: To get the support of Rural based PLHIV's for the water Management Activites for solving the problems of dependence on the Rain water. And fulfill the needs or the farmers to Irrigating their lands and high level of Production.

Nutrition: Currently we are getting the Nutritional support for the 20 CLHIV's every month through the Chriatable trust name Maa kalika Bal seva Dal Samiti and now we are focusing on the matter to get the support for all the needy orphans and Poor children's over all of the uttarakhand State.